A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Why do people play Danganronpa? For the tense atmosphere? For the analytical gameplay? Nah it's to argue about which anime person they'd date.

A 1-minute tribute to Danganronpa 2


Danganfdlskjfkl-2.zip 6 MB
Danganfdlskjfkl-2.app.zip 8 MB
Danganfdlskjfkl-2.love 2 MB
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Probably one of the best danganronpa games I ever played


LOL thank you!

Oh my gosh, this was incredible! I especially loved the texts and their chaotic presentation. Now I just want to play Danganronpa to play this game again and understand more some of the jokes. Good job!

I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Thank you for holding the jam!

I have no idea what that what that was, but that was absolutely amazing!

Haha, thank you for playing!

Bang bang bang, Nagito shot me in the heart argh

LMAO, I am sorry this game is so dangerous!