A downloadable game for Windows

Move the paddles and try to get the ball in the opponent's goal! By pressing specific keys in beat with the music, charge up your meter, which will accelerate the ball on contact. GAMEPAD USE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Left paddle:

movement - W/S keys, up/down on Left controller stick, up/down on d-pad

rhythm key - Space bar, Left bumper on controller

Right paddle:

movement - up/down arrow keys, up/down on Right controller stick, top/bottom buttons of 4 face button (on 360 controllers that's Y/A, on PS3, that's Δ/X).

rhythm key - P key, Right bumper on controller

Install instructions

Download and extract RhythmPong.zip, and double-click on RhythmPong.exe. Important: make sure you don't separate the .exe from the dlls! (Currently Windows-only)


RhythmPong.zip 4 MB